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April 1st 2008
Prof. Lolcat’s application for tenure

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I can has  tenure now?

Courtesy of all of the fine kittehs at


April 1st 2008
Mebbe dey shod brung Cheezburgers?

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With reference to the 2/3 of all women candidates denied tenure this year at Baylor University (see this post below for details):

Humorous Pictures

(From, the best timewasting website of 2008!)


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March 12th 2008
Family funeral blogging, redux

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You won’t believe it, but my grandmother died Monday morning, so it’s back to the ancestral homelands again with me.  My grandmother was, for less than a month, the widow of the grandfather who died in February.  They were each other’s second spouses–both had been widowed–but were married 33 years, which is a pretty good run for a first marriage, even.  Many older couples slip away in close succession, especially in cases where one may have been holding on in order to take care of the other.  She had a good death (praise be to Morpheus).  She really enjoyed seeing her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren again at Grampa’s funeral last month.  She’s my last grandparent to go, so it’s an end to an era of family life.  Back next week. 


February 20th 2008
Family funeral blogging

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Light posting for the next week–Historiann is off to her ancestral homeland for a family funeral.  (Not tragic:  Grampa was 97, and was very ready to go.)  In the meantime, keep your families all happy and healthy, and I’ll see you soon. 

If you’re of a morbid turn of mind these days, here’s some quality late eighteenth-century gravestone blogging and photography from the St. James Reformed Cemetery in Lovettsville, Virginia, courtesy of By Neddie Jingo!


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