6th 2013
Grad school confidential: back by popular demand!

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cowgirlromancesbrandsHowdy!  It’s a lovely, sunny Sunday morning here in Colorado.  I’ve just come back from a conference in Denver and had a chance to meet some very talented and impressive graduate students.  In case any of you deluded fools are still considering going to graduate school, here are two of my favorite posts offering some practical advice:

And, just for fun, some more free advice and ideas about graduate school.  (Remember, friends:  you get what you pay for!)

Sorry about the clip show!  I gotta run, go to a yoga class, and oh, yeah:  write a book.



2 Responses to “Grad school confidential: back by popular demand!”

  1. Indyanna on 06 Oct 2013 at 11:48 am #

    This is way better than an NFL Films [r] highlight reel for the proverbial “Week Six!” Having just this year sent only my second student ever on to a major program for Ph.D-level work, I’m not quite ready to ever say never about the old game. But all of the cautionary tales certainly do apply. The well-documented biases built into the system are still out there, and beyond that, randomness may explain as much as strategy in terms of who survives, and thereby, what survives, the minefield. I’ve certainly never attributed the fact that I’m still hobbling along on two stumps and emitting an occasional “beep” to anything more than Clio’s poor eyesight and perverse sense of humor!

  2. Historiann on 06 Oct 2013 at 3:14 pm #

    Aside: isn’t it nice to scroll down my homepage and see only lovely images of women? It’s so different from most media like newspapers and video clips on the teevee news, which feature only photos of men doing things, men wielding political power, men engaging in sports, men’s mugshots. It’s surprisingly revolutionary to have a media space that isn’t plastered with images of men.

    (The one exception is David Petreaus, who is not my idea of lovely, but I’ll boot him off the front page soon enough.)

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