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September 5th 2011
Labor Day: brought to you by the folks who brought you the 8-hour workday and the weekend.

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Happy Labor Day, friends!  Today’s post is another lazy (but I hope entertaining) holiday-appropriate pictorial.  I hope you’re all planning to do some relaxing and resting to celebrate the labor movement’s great history and (sadly) dubious future. Continue Reading »


September 3rd 2011
Dispatches from the treehouse

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Miss Susie had a baby, she threw it in the well

The baby went to heaven, Miss Susie went to HELL-o operator. . . Continue Reading »


September 2nd 2011
Dear Tenured Radical,

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I’d love to comment on your posts at Tenured Radical 3.0 more frequently, but your hosts at the Chronicle of Higher Education have made it very difficult for me.  At first, I used an old Disqus account–the Chronicle’s software recognized that account and let me post via that account earlier this summer.  Then last week, the Chronicle forced me to get a Chronicle account in order to post.  I did that, but now of course I can’t remember all of my login information, and since it’s about the eleventybillionth danged login I’ve created in order to engage in blog commentary and internet commerce, it all just seems too exhausting for me to cope with.

Why can’t I just comment over there under my username and my URL?  Is there any way the Chronicle software gurus could fix this?  Why all the super-secret, password-protected bullcrap?

One might think that the Chronicle wants us to log in so that they can monitor the tone of discussion on their articles and posts, but the comments over there don’t appear to be moderated any more than the comments on most mainstream U.S. online publications.  Some of the new commenters who have drifted over to TR 3.0  are bringing down the quality of conversation, and I wonder if some of your regular readers and commenters at Tenured Radical 2.0 would agree. Continue Reading »


September 1st 2011
The Statue of Liberty, Memphis-style

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Too bad it’s not a flaming cross, like her original torch!  Now, that would by eye-catching.  (Photo by Dr. M., who has Memphis connections.)


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