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January 30th 2011
Win the Future?

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Justin Moyer reviews the presumptive Obama campaign slogan “Win the Future,”and offers a trip down memory lane of former Presidential campaign slogans in this morning’s Washington Post.  (I don’t agree at all with Sarah Palin’s assessment, since I’m all for massive investments in research, green energy, and public transportation, but she nailed the acronym!) 

I remember WIN buttons–or did I just see them in a history textbook once?–but am disappointed to have no recollection of MEOW.  (Click the link and absorb the American history, friends!)  That last one has to rank with the all-time dumbest, aside for what was originally called in 2003 Operation Iraqi Liberation, or OIL!

The problem as I see it is that Barack Obama had his moment when he could talk about the future and hope and change– Continue Reading »


January 29th 2011
Time travel?

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I wonder:  heading up CO-14 through the Poudre Canyon, over Cameron Pass and through North Park, did we somehow drive back in time to the 1950s or 1960s?

Because these are some pretty high-quality midcentury commercial signs!  (This photo really doesn’t do justice to the satellite on top of Space Station Gas.)


January 28th 2011
Ski holiday weekend! Talk amongst yourselves.

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Ski holiday this weekend!  I am struggling to make progress as a skiier–but it’s hard work for this old b!tch to learn new tricks!  I’m hoping that my ultra-stylish apres-skiwear will compensate for my clinging to the green dots and blue squares on the slopes.  “NO JIB ZONE” = just my style!

I’ve found that it’s a good thing, if frustrating and a little scary at times, NOT to be good at something.  It’s been a long time since I felt completely incompetent and outclassed by everyone around me, including in most cases the preschoolers who don’t even have poles yet. . . but, I had a powder day a few weeks ago at Winter Park, and that was lots of fun!  So I will work harder to have more fun.

Meanwhile, for those of you stuck indoors at your computers or in front of classrooms, check out Bardiac’s response to yesterday’s post about entertaining candidates originally inspired by her post earlier this week. Continue Reading »


January 27th 2011
Candidate dinners: skip the diaper talk, willya?

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Read it. Know it. Live it.

 Bardiac has a (mostly unintentionally) hilarious post about dinner with a job candidate in her department recently.  She writes: 

I went to dinner with some department folks and a candidate last night. The department folks included a married couple (TT), parents to two toddler types, an adjunct married to one of our TT folks, also parent to two toddler types. 

There was a LOT of discussion of nannies, pre-schools, and other toddleresque topics among the two married women. The married man talked about bourbon and his beloved porch drinking club. (He’s the type who babysits occasionally*, so he didn’t have much to add to the parenting discussion.) 

The candidate listened politely but didn’t seem to contribute. I don’t know if s/he is a parent or a partner (s/he didn’t contribute that information, and we sure don’t ask). 

.       .      .       .      .       .       

I tried to move the topic onto program stuff, but it didn’t really work, because the two married women really, really wanted to catch up on the latest pre-school news. I tried to get to know the candidate a bit, but there wasn’t much room, since it’s hard to move from diapering issues smoothly into pedagogy issues without an intermediate step that involves bringing the candidate in on the diapering issues. And I have little to say about diapering issues. I tried to move the topic onto things to do in the area, and the married man was just a tad snide at me (as he tends to be). Continue Reading »


January 26th 2011
WedneSKAday! Plus a public service announcement about birth control from The Specials

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Remember these guys?

Ska bands were just all fun–they’re my memory of party music in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Continue Reading »


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