23rd 2010
Thanksgiving! Gimme a break! It’s making me completely mental.

Posted under: American history, art, childhood, fluff, happy endings

Here’s a flashback from the 1980s of that upbeat young fella Ed Grimley, a character played by Martin Short on both SCTV and Saturday Night Live.  This excerpt is not just a Thanksgiving skit, but also a takeoff of Rear Window, starring Ed Asner as the murderous neighbor.  (“You’re a dead man,Grimley!”  Oh, Mr. Grant!)

“That’s a pain that’s gonna linger, there’s no question about that!”  Ed Grimley has a lot to teach us about being thankful:  he’s funny looking and a perpetual dork, but as he would say, he’s thoroughly decent, he’s always just himself, and he always sees the bright side of things.  And he doesn’t get bent out of shape over a burnt pie.

This year, I’m going to cultivate the Zen of Grimley!

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