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December 31st 2010
Happy New Beer!

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In this lost American decade, I’ve stopped hoping for better years, and have scaled back my ambitions a bit.  This way, there’s less of a disappointing mess to clean up in the morning! 

Here’s hoping you’re enjoying a lovely evening with someone you love.  I am, and I feel so fortunate.


December 28th 2010
Holiday roundup: too lazy to post edition

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No posts! (How am I still upright?)

Howdy, friends!  I’m still (mostly) on holiday break here, but I thought you might enjoy some thoughts from bloggers more energetic than I am right now.  I hope to be back later this week–I just don’t seem to have any original thoughts to share at the moment.  So, herewith are my recommendations for your bloggy perusals:


December 24th 2010

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No, no snow here.  It’s all up in the mountains this year so far.  Still, this is a pretty good little holiday song: “How I’m longing to skiiiii!” Remember, it follows a scene in which the principal characters are complaining about the dry, snowless weather, which explains their sojourn to Vermont to find snow.

“What is Christmas with no snow?” Continue Reading »


December 23rd 2010
Winter Wonderland

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This is about the only version of this tune I can stand–I’ve always thought “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” a pretty dopey song, but Peggy Lee jazzes it up good for the Hi-Fis of the hepcats of 1967.  I hope your winter holiday celebrations are off to a nice start and that your travels haven’t been too hampered by the horrible winter weather that has afflicted just about every part of North America save this dry, warmish patch of the High Plains Desert.  (Seriously–3 and 4 FEET of snow on the Western Slope, and we got nuthin’ here.  Not that I’m complaining–much–but a few strategic inches of overnight snow would cover up the dead, brown grass and lend a festive air.)  Continue Reading »


December 22nd 2010
Christmas shopping for the kids just got a lot easier!

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All kids love log!

Have you heard the pseudo-scientific news?  Human girls are biologically programmed to play with dollies like little mommies!  A recent study suggests that female juvenile chimps play with sticks and nurture them like babies, whereas male juveniles turn their sticks into weapons or other manly toys–it’s scientifically proven.  Echidne has the goods, as I knew she would.  She’s got an interesting follow-up post on a 2007 study of a Senagalese chimp community that found that female adult chimps led the way in tool-making and killing in their communities–but as she notes, that study didn’t go viral now, did it?  She writes, “[I]t’s every bit as significant as the new stick study, only it shows female chimps as tool makers and as killers. So are we going to draw conclusions about human society from that one, too?”

One of the aspects of these studies that purport to show the essential or biological basis for gendered behaviors in humans is how selective we are in looking to the non-human animal kingdom for justification of human behaviors.  After all, what is “natural” behavior?  $hitting outdoors, scratching our crotches, and smearing our scent everywhere is “natural,” I suppose.  Human societies have developed multiple different technologies and etiquettes for dealing with all of these “natural” needs and urges.  Continue Reading »


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