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July 1st 2009
It’s so easy to find common ground in the “debate” over forced pregnancy when you’re a man!

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reallyuglybabyNothing, and I mean nothing, is more reassuring to a woman with an unwanted pregnancy than hearing two men debate whether or not to pay women to carry their pregnancies to term.  Who better to make these important policy decisions?  Don’t miss the part in which Steven Waldman of Beliefnet suggests  to Will “Is it Wrong to Murder an Abortionist?” Saletan that they pay pregnant women a whole one thousand dollars to deliver the baby, and then in the next minute wonders if that would set up “perverse incentives” that would encourage women to get pregnant just to collect that whole one thousand dollars! 

Man–what I wouldn’t do for a whole one thousand dollars!  I think I’ll go get myself pregnant tonight!  Continue Reading »


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