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June 2nd 2008
Monday Morning Roundup: less than half a loaf edition.

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Historiann was on a mini-break this past weekend (at a place I’ll call Rolorado Rings), away from television and internet access, but fortunately others were hard at work reporting on the DNC’s blithe refusal to count votes cast by Democrats, for Democratic candidates!  But, I’m sure that like the U. S. Supreme Court’s decision in Bush v. Gore (2000) , this is just a one-off ruling and shouldn’t be taken as precedent for any other possible voting rights case the court might hear.  Nope–no stare decisis here folks, nothing to see, keep it moving.  Historiann had a nightmare last night in which the 2008 Presidential election came down to the electoral votes in Michigan, with Barack Obama arguing (refreshingly!) for a recount to “count every vote,” and John McCain arguing (after Bush v. Gore) that as the candidate with the 216-vote lead, it would violate his rights for the votes of Michiganders to be counted.  But, that was just a bad dream!  It could never happen, could it?  Michiganders and Floridians will be thrilled to vote for the candidate of the party that cut their votes in half and then stole some of them to boot.  And the debacle in 2000 was EIGHT WHOLE YEARS AGO, and this professional historian know that history never has consequences!  That’s what’s so great about being an American.

Anyhoo, don’t miss the rally coverage at Roxie’s World, and Roxie’s final thoughts on the vote-halving and stealing that went on in Washington on Saturday, by Democrats, against other Democrats voting for Democratic candidates.  Jeralyn Merrit’s and Big Tent Democrat’s coverage at Talk Left has been nonpareil–click here for her final thoughts, and don’t miss her link to Dana Milbank’s coverage of the RBC meeting for the Washington Post.  Milbank writes, “A smaller number of Barack Obama supporters kept their distance. One woman, passing by a 4-year-old girl and her mother carrying pro-Clinton signs, shouted at them: ‘Cheater!’”  Stay classy, Obama supporters! 

In other news?

  • Women who have had Caesarian sections are being denied insurance coverage, because C-sections are more expensive than vaginal births.  (Uterine ruptures, of course, are reallly expensive, if not also deadly!)  Well, guess what?  Allopathic medicine is more expensive than midwifery and homeopathy!  Antibiotics and tetanus shots are more expensive than soap, water, and Bactine!  Hope is not a health care plan, folks.  C-sections are safe, predictable, and they save lives, and only rarely are they the decisions of patients themselves.  Suck it up.  (Maybe if insurance plans stopped covering Viagra, they could allow a few more women safe childbirth?)
  • Denver-area public schools experiment with separating boys and girls into different classes, recesses, and lunch periods.  It doesn’t hurt, and seems to help all the way around.  (This article indicates that boys are clearly the disruptive actors, and that they and the girls benefit when they’re segregated.)
  • And:  oh, yeah!  Hillary Clinton wins Puerto Rico by another blowout margin of 36%.  (Does anyone wonder why the actual voters aren’t actually voting for Obama, despite the fact that he’ll certainly be the nominee?  Was Howard Dean winning primaries in May and June despite John Kerry’s lock on the nomination?  Why aren’t Democrats taking orders from their party leaders?  Will they in November?)

 Et vous, mes amis?  What’s new with you?


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